Guidelines & Safety Measures Against COVID-19

Guidelines and Safety Measures Against COVID-19

All Film Solutions are dedicated to being part of the COVID-19 solution by doing all we can to prevent and stop the spread of coronavirus in our Melbourne community.

As a family business the health and safety of our staff and clients is extremely important to us and always at the forefront of what drives our policies and procedures.

In accordance with government regulations all our employees are committed to maintaining a high level of hand hygiene, the wearing of mandatory fitted face mask coverings, keeping a minimum 1.5m social distance from others at all times and will not attend an installation or quote if they are showing any COVID-19 symptoms. And as always we will continue to keep a clean and tidy work space.


You Can Also Help us to Stop the Spread

Keeping your distance - Stay 1.5m away from our staff and others at all times

Leave the room or work area - Let our staff work, measure and quote in safety, avoid interaction in enclosed spaces whenever possible

Wear a fitted face mask coverings - We ask that while we are working in your home or office that all occupants wear a fitted face mask coverings, as per government regulations. If you are unable to obtain one, please let us know ahead of time so one can be provided

No contact at any time - Do not shake hands or exchange physical greetings

Minimise occupants - Where possible reduce the household and office occupants during our visit. In the family home we also ask that there be no outside visitors during this time

Maximise ventilation and airflow - Where possible keep the air circulating, open windows/doors and have fans/split systems running on low for a minimum of 1 hour prior to our arrival

Practice good hand hygiene - Wash and sanitize your hands often

Showing symptoms - Protect others and cancel your appointment if you’re unwell and experiencing cold, flu-like or any of the other known COVID-19 symptoms


For more information a detailed COVID safe plan is available on request. We all have a responsibility - Together we can stop the spread - Keep up to date - visit