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Please find below our frequently asked questions

The type of glass you have will determine what type of film can be safely applied for the longevity of your windows

No, apologies we only install onto flat window glass in buildings and homes

No, we clean the glass using soapy water and always protect the floor with the appropriate absorbent coverings

The type of window frame will affect which window films are suitable and the preparation/cleaning techniques used prior to the installation

The installation of window film is a fair quick process when compared to most other trades and the time required to complete an install will depend on factors such as site cleanliness, access to the windowpanes, film type being installed and quantity of windows. If your project is time sensitive, please advise us of this prior to the installation date so we can book the installation dates and times to suit your requirements.

This will only happen if a cheap and inferior product has been used, especially if it has not been designed for our Australian climate. All our solar window film products meet the Australian and Industry standards.

We quote each customer based on the best window film solution for their project, we use quality products that are generally backed by a manufacturer’s warranties, and only employ experienced/qualified trades persons enabling us to trust and back their workmanship.

If you receive a cheaper quote from a competitor, we are more than happy to look at their quote and if possible, match it. However, we will never compromise on the products used or professionalism of our installers. Our quotes are always based on quality products that offer a manufacturer’s warranty and experienced installers which allows us to back our workmanship. We will not use cheaper inferior products to beat another price.

Window films can be removed from most window surfaces by a professional using specifically designed tools and solvents

Water is used during the installation process of most window films and there are a few factors that can change the amount of time required for all the moisture to evaporate, often it will depend on the time of the year and the direction of your windows. However, generally in summer it will take an estimated 1-2 weeks and in winter between 1-3 months

We do not recommend that you install a window film product yourself, our team of professional installers have years of experience and all the right tools and techniques for a flawless install. When our quality range of products are installed by our team of professionals you also receive a manufacturers product warranty and workmanship guarantee

Yes, however extreme temperatures and sun glare are to be avoided for the health and safety of our installers

As most window film is installed on the inside of your window it does not matter if it is raining outside, the extra moister will not affect the installation process. In regard to hot weather we will generally try to install away from direct sun light on the glass to ensure the product is installed correctly and also to protect the installer from unnecessary exposure to heat and glare.

Yes, however the amount may vary depending on location and job type

It’s easy, get us to come out and complete a FREE measure and quote (03) 9789 4455 or email the measurements and photos of each window to [email protected]

Solar window film or a window tint is a thin laminate product that is generally installed to the interior of a window to reduce the suns heat, glare and UV rays.

There are many benefits to having solar window film installed

  • Heat Rejection - improves comfort and keeps you cool
  • UV Protection - prevent fading of your furnishings
  • Glare Reduction - offers visual comfort
  • Reduce Energy Costs - save money
  • Custom Look - enhances the look
  • Privacy – block-out onlookers
  • Environment – reduce your carbon footprint

Most solar window film is installed on the inside of the window. However, if there are internal access issues there are specially designed external films that can be used.

Yes, solar window film will significantly reduce the suns glare just like a pair of good quality sunglasses. With a quality solar window film, you can reduce glare by up to 95% for visual comfort.

Yes, solar film will reduce up to 99% of harmful UV rays, this reduction is equivalent to a SPF 285 rating.

Yes, solar film will reduce up to 99% of harmful UV rays, this reduction is equivalent to a SPF 285 rating.

We use a variety of quality products that have been designed and tested for the Australian climate and industry standards.

Good quality solar window films will reduce heat intake in summer, thereby reducing energy consumption required to keep your home or office at a comfortable temperature.

Professionally installed solar window films decrease energy costs by reducing the heat intake which helps cooling systems to run more efficiently.

All the products we use will come with a manufacturer’s product warranty along with the All Film Solutions workmanship guarantee.

Not unless you want it to! There are many different styles and shades of solar window film available to suit your requirements, light to dark and also reflective.

The darkness of the room will depend on the film selected and its light transmission qualities. All our quotes and recommendations are accessed on a case by case basis, one size does not fit all.

Yes, you can, with little to no risk if the glass is toughened. If the glass is toughened there will be a small etched stamp in the bottom corner of the pane. If the glass is not toughened, you can run the risk of the glass cracking once the film is installed due to thermal stress.

Yes, you can, however the safest option is to install a reflective film. Reflective films reflect the heat rather than absorbing it, so they are a safer option for this type of glass. Regardless it is always a possibility that this type of glass can crack when a film is applied due to thermal stress.

We offer a range of different solar window film products to suit different requirements, with some solar films offering up to 80% heat rejection.

Sadly, the answer is no. Solar film will only offer privacy during the day when the level of light outside is great than the inside lighting. This type of window film will offer no privacy once it is dark outside and the lights are on inside your home or office. If you require privacy both day and night a frosted film is a better choice.

Majority of solar window film is installed onto the inside of the glass; however certain types of film can be installed externally if required due to access issues.

As we use only quality products our standard solar window film has 99% UV protection.

This style of film is general clear in appearance, it is designed to reduce the chance of glass breakage in the event of an impact or explosion. However, if the force is strong enough to break the glass, the film will hold the pieces together to avoid serious injury.

This film is designed to reduce the risk of serious injury to staff and damage to equipment and furnishings in the event of an impact or explosion, the film will act as a barrier and hold the broken pieces of glass together.

Yes, it can be installed onto your home windows however the type of windows you have will affect the level of protection and benefits achieved. Therefore, we assess each window on a case by case basis to find the right solution for you and your family.

All the safety and security films used come with a manufacturer’s product warranty along with the All Film Solutions workmanship guarantee.

Yes, they do, we can produce test certificates for installed film to confirm the compliance of the Australian Standard AS2208.

Frosted window film is a translucent film that is applied to your windows to give the look of frosted glass for a fraction of the price. It will add privacy for both you and your neighbours both day and night.

A frosted film is a translucent film that obscure the view and still allows light to pass through. An opaque film is a block-out sold coloured film that will restrict light from passing through.

Frosted film is a great way to increase privacy and/or add a feature to your home or office.

Decorative window film is used to add privacy by incorporating unique design or corporate colours. We can either digitally print or computer cut your design onto a frosted film, clear film or coloured vinyl film for professional application by our dedicated team of installers.

This will depend on the window type, window access and the type of film being installed.

We require AI, EPS or scalable PDF for computer cutting or printing. Please Note: JPEGs are not generally suitable.

Anti- graffiti film is a sacrificial barrier that is generally installed to the external face of your windows to protect from scratching, etching, paint, permanent markers and other forms of graffiti.

Yes, it can be removed as it is designed to be a sacrificial barrier which can be removed and replaced at a fraction of the cost of glass once it has been defaced.

This film is installed by a professional installer on the side of the glass that needs to be protected from vandalism.

Window film is not as hard as glass however the window film products we use are scratch resistant and can be cleaned using warm soapy water and a clean chamois, microfibre or soft cloth. No ammonia-based cleaning products such as Windex should be used as it will damage the film, all you need is some warm soapy water (only use a small amount of dishwashing liquid about 1 teaspoon per litre)

• Residential Window Film comes with a Lifetime Warranty • Commercial Window Film comes with a 10-12-year Warranty

We offer a 1-year workmanship guarantee ensuring the film has been applied to the highest industry standard

Please move all furniture and other objects that obstruct the window access or that are near the work area, this is done to ensure a quick and professional installation process and will assist in protecting your possessions.

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