Safety & Security Film

Safety & Security Film

With years of experience installing top quality security film for Melbourne homes and businesses, you can be sure that All Film Solutions will help make your building more secure.

Our safety and security window films comply with Australian building code regulations as well as meeting all the industry standards. There are many advantages of using All Film Solutions’ security and safety films, such as :

  • Protects people from broken glass in case of a broken window
  • Meets Australian Building Code Standard AS2208 for safety film
  • Prevents excessive damage to equipment and furnishings from broken glass
  • Window films come in a range of solar film shades & colours
  • Makes theft through smashing and grabbing unlikely

All Film Solutions makes window films in a range of types, shades, and colours, so you can choose a finish that matches the external look of your home or building.

For more information about our top of the range window security film, or any of our other products, get in touch with the team at All Film Solutions.

Safety Film

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