Window Frosting

Window Frosting

For the highest quality window frosting Melbourne businesses and homes can rely on, look no further than All Film Solutions. With years of experience working with glass frosting and films, we pair our in-depth understanding of the techniques required with our state-of-the-art technology to produce the best result every time.

Our frosted window film provide a sleek, modern alternative to stained glass panels that has a variety of different uses, including:

  • Subtly branding your offices
  • Separating different working spaces
  • Safety strips for large expansions of glass
  • Protecting your privacy

No matter what look you’re after, All Film Solutions will help you find the perfect frosted glass film for you.

A window frosting film greatly resembles the effect of sandblasting or making permanent etchings into the glass, but can cost a fraction of the price. The process of creating residential or office frosting also gives us a lot of creative control. All Film Solutions’ frosted window films are digitally designed and cut or print into the glass. This process allows for a great degree of creative freedom and even allows us to create more decorative window films if need be.

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Avery Frosted and Etched Glass Films

Avery frosted and Etched Glass Films provide the option to create stunning frosting effects on glass windows, doors or mirrors. These films are outstandingly durable for outdoor weather, ensuring no shrinkage when applied to an outside environment. The impact strength and stability of the films is like no other.

Metamark Frosted Range

Metamark frost offers an opal or etched glass effect to be applied quickly and easily on windows. Frosted window glass graphics provide a smooth, consistent finish to create a stunning visual effect as well as the element of added privacy to any room. Digitally cut or printed, the Metamark Frosted range is a versatile and long-lasting way to modify a space.