Solar Film

Our stylish tinting for offices and commercial properties is top quality, designed for durability and UV protection. The perfect way to protect your employees and premises from the sun and prying eyes.

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Decorative/Frosted Film

These forms of decorative tinting are a stylish and economical way to enhance any space. They can be used to create privacy, add a 'point of difference' or you could always celebrate the company logo.

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Anti Graffiti Film

Vandalism is a problem for many business, regardless of their location. From wilful damage such as scratching and etching, or graffiti with paint and markers, it can be a costly clean-up process. Our films are is ideal for limiting the impact of vandals on your premises.

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Low-E Film

Regular windows not only let in great natural light but also allow the intense heat of summer and chill of a Melbourne winter into your home. Low-E films are a fantastic way to transform these windows to better combat that unpredictable Melbourne weather.

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Safety & Security Film

These films are designed to prevent splinters of flying glass during a severe weather event, a break-in, or simply an accident. They also help to create an extra barrier of protection and keep the window pane in place despite being broken.

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Melbourne’s Leading Commercial Window Tinting Solutions

All Film Solutions are the leading suppliers of window films meeting the diverse demands of our customers both commercial and residential. We offer find a vast collection of window tinting options to fall within your budget limits. You might be thinking about the benefits of such glass films.

A comprehensive selection of window tinting products

Ranging from solar heat reduction to UV rays protection, glass films offer superior range of safety measures. It maximizes your comfort level by preventing the entry of excess heat and daylight.

At All Film Solutions, we aim to be the best Melbourne window tinting team in terms of highly engineered films, fine workmanship and long lasting stunning results. You can find various decorative film options, where creativity is blended with quality products and professional craftsmanship. Our range of solar films can be an environmentally friendly approach and assist in enhancing the beauty of your home.

Protect your windows with our tinting expertise

We pride ourselves in providing the top quality products in office and home tinting that are highly durable and even offer enough privacy without spoiling your home or office decor. Regardless of your industry or Melbourne location, we can provide expert services to your home or business.